Statement on the legality of the Multicook trademark use by “Redmond”

At the request of the journalist Chris Hughes, Global Investigation Agency within the sphere of his journalistic investigation, our experts have prepared an analysis on the legality of the use of the Multicook trademark by “Redmond”, one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances in Russia. The analysis was conducted by a team of three legal experts, led by intellectual property rights expert Stijn Vanschoubroek.

Given that the subject of analysis is one of the largest suppliers of household appliances for the market of the Russian Federation, which apparently has a conflict with its competitors, in order to avoid speculations related with our conclusion, we publish the results of the analysis on our website.


Dear Mr.  Hughes,

In respect of the current situation with “Redmond” company, it must be stated that we found nothing grossly violating the law. The owner of the Multicook brand uses the law to prohibit sales of a product which uses his trademark. These are the standard requirements of a brand owner. He has the right to demand that goods that violate his trademark rights are removed from the store windows. In our view, in the given case it is not proper to speak of a “patent trolling”. Those who are not benefiting from “Redmond’s” regulations in the market, which are fully juridical at the moment, will certainly speak of the “patent trolling,” but the company itself has the right to prohibit the usage of its trademark – it is a right for an intellectual property and it is indisputable. In such cases, the companies that are confronted with claims have only two legal options to resolve the conflict: to bring the matter before the court or to have negotiation with the trademark owner.

A copy of the statement authenticated by a stamp was mailed to you.


European Agency For Protection Of The Rights To The Objects Of Intellectual Property

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