Copyright Security in United States

The term copyright security refers to the protection of, and measures taken to prevent the unauthorized duplication of, copyrighted materials. With the increasing digitization and computerization of society, efforts aimed at maintaining and protecting copyright security have likewise become increasingly high-tech. Software is routinely copyright-protected, and copyright holders often take extraordinary measures, including the retention of detective agencies, to police … Read More

How metadata can help in expert evaluation

Today we want to share with you an interesting case that might be found useful by all who is into photography. The journalist Karl Hoffmann requested our agency to conduct an examination of 15 photos on the subject of pedophilia. We were given a list of 34 possible authors’ names of these photos, they were all photographers from the Czech … Read More

Patents for Invention

Most laws dealing with the protection of inventions do not actually define the notion of an invention. A number of countries, however, define inventions as new solutions to technical problems. The problem may be old or new, but the solution, in order to merit the name of invention, must be a new one. Merely discovering something that already exists in … Read More

Copyright and Related Rights

Copyright and related rights are legal concepts and instruments which, while respecting and protecting the rights of creators in their works, also contribute to the cultural and economic development of nations. Copyright law fulfills a decisive role in articulating the contributions and rights of the different stakeholders taking part in the cultural industries and the relation between them and the … Read More

Statement on the legality of the Multicook trademark use by “Redmond”

At the request of the journalist Chris Hughes, Global Investigation Agency within the sphere of his journalistic investigation, our experts have prepared an analysis on the legality of the use of the Multicook trademark by “Redmond”, one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances in Russia. The analysis was conducted by a team of three legal experts, led by intellectual … Read More